They recently comprehended that things are going on the correct way. Before long he quit informing and telephone calls just to know how she responds. He got a decent morning message from her in the first part of the day however nothing else as she didn’t get a reaction from him.

She sent a morning message in following day likewise however it additionally left with zero reaction.

It proceeded for 5 more days which made her stressed over him.

She called him and the telephone left unattended. A chafed Athira went to his office however discover that he was on leave for recent days and they said that they are ignorant of the reason.

As a matter of fact he was in the workplace and he could see her every single articulations which gave him an affirmation image that she has something for him.

The following day evening he present himself before her. Without talking a word she went and embrace him which was very surprising by him.

Everything else happened out of the blue. They get hitched 3 months after the fact. The principal months together were paradise for them two.

Yet, gradually she began a blameworthy inclination that she ruins her mom’s fantasies. She is cheerful and settled however shouldn’t something be said about her sisters?

Despite the fact that they don’t said anything she felt that she needs to accomplish something for them instead of giving them her little pay. They just was prepared to help her contributing a segment of his pay yet she didn’t felt it as something extremely accommodating.

She began to reconsider about the arrangement of traveling to another country and connected all the activity opportunities there and furthermore gone to some skype interviews.

One night when Thejus returned, he was invited with a wonderful cake and overly energized Athira. He imagined that she was pregnant and wound up cheerful. Circumstances changed like rollercoaster when she demonstrated to him her activity visa.

He needed her close by and she requesting that he be viable as her more youthful sisters’ costs of studies and marriage is definitely not a straightforward thing. She attempted to persuade him that 2-3 years of her life there will unravel all her family issues however he was not prepared to enable her to leave.


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