1. The sun always followed you, how could my heart not do the same.
    2. I need to stop searching for my heart beat in others.
    3. Don’t hold me back from loving you, an ocean will always find its way to shore.

    1. I fall in love with you more times in a day than my heart beats.
    2. You are the light that I search for when everything goes dark.
    3. Don’t pour your sunshine into someone who doesn’t think of you as their sky.
    4. Being in love with you is like living through seasons.

    1. I can either let the missing you drown me or I can let it teach me how to swim.
    2. Love is what the universe gives you without asking for anything in return.
    3. I loved the stars well before I knew they were only beautiful because of the dark.
    4. Love me slowly like we have time on our side.
    5. Some people love from you and some expect you.

  1. Whatever makes you feel the sun from the inside out, chase that.
  2. I would live a thousand lifetimes just to meet you in this one.
  3. She wants you not because you let her breath, but because without you she can’t.
  4. I’m not someone you can love with half a heart.
  5. If I let it go today, will you hold me tomorrow?READ MORE: clickhere


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