WIRED QUOTES BUT TRUE( Inspire your life)


(Quotes which is inspire your life)


    1. 100% trust not exist. Don’t trust or don’t believe anyone blindly because it hurt a lot when trust break.
    2. In your bad time even your shadow will not with.
      you so always ready to face un expected problem or disaster.
    3. You believe it or not but everyone is selfish without it no friendship possible.
    4. Whatever your social friend circle or your so called best friend
      either online or offline friends but you will know them in your bad times.

    1. Keep your circle small but quality. It is better to no friends than fake or selfish friends.
    2. People don’t appreciate you or no one loves you but they love their needs
      If have money and fame then everyone will be your friend because of it they can take your benefits.
    3. Never ever involve your family or relative in your business
      It will be big problem for you soon or later; not believing this try on yourself you will understand.
    4. Don’t judge anyone quickly
      it’s not easy to identify person and never ever do business with anyone
      without knowing them completely.
    5. Never let go people or friends who stand for your support in your bad times.

  1. The most important money is the biggest thing and nothing more important then money in life. This sound wired but I realized this.
  2. Money can solve 99% problem in life so focus on earning money with hard-work and believe in yourself because at the end you have to fight alone.


MORAL: TIME WILL SAY EVERYTHING ITSELF(Quotes which is inspire your life)


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